Having kept in mind how every single aspect of halloween sustains its own significance, Halloween wallpapers do too. Every single person celebrating it requires every inch of their norms reflecting festivity.

Conversely, Halloween is downright a crucial event for uniting families and friends, over delicious foods, sweet conversations, helping them rejoice.

What if I told you these wallpapers are important as every second while you’re caught in a task on your digital device, it keeps reminding you of the season you’re celebrating?

Moreover, following I have ran all over internet for you to assemble, open and wide, all the possible creative Halloween wallpapers your device would flawlessly rock.

Conversely, download high definition wallpapers from here that are accessible for laptops, computers, android phones, and tablets.

Also take a look at these awesome Halloween quotes.

This article contains:

  1. Jack O’Lantern Wallpapers.
  2. Haunted Halloween Mansion Wallpapers.
  3. Witches And Spirits Wallpapers.
  4. Interesting Wallpapers

100+ Halloween Wallpapers for 2016

Jack O’Lantern Wallpapers:

Jack O’Lanterns being a creative sport for this season is downright a source of contentment. On the contrary, following are interestingly great wallpapers showcasing wallpapers of different pumpkins.

To be conveniently obvious, click on the title name of each image to access the wallpaper download.

Pumkin Hat Wallpaper

Pumpkin wallpaper

These happy JackO’Lanterns are advisable for you electronic device as the dried leaves signify the importance of autumn as well.

Illuminating Pumpkin Wallpaper

4 pumpkins wallpaper

The candles in this wallpaper play an important role as they’re evident enough to be lightening the dark.

Animated Jack O’Lanterns

Pumpkin hat wallpaper

Beware, the sharp teeth bite.

Pumpkin and some candles

Spooky pumpkin wallpaper

Furthermore, the candles provide the luminous look that stands out in the picture.

Black And Orange

Pumpkin wallpaper

Creepy pumpkin and a moon behind with a few bats around, what wallpaper could define Halloween better?

Pumpkin Squad

Pumpkin wallpaper

Halloween inspired wallpaper with suggestive amount of pumpkins, that’s all your wallpaper background needs.

Dimensions: 1920×1200 px.

Pumpkin Party Squad

Happy Halloween wallpaper

Black and golden effect of pumpkins for Halloween stating a greeting.

Furthermore, these animated Jack O’Lanterns are perfect for your wallpaper background with the sharp teeth coming your way if you don’t select either. Just kidding, really.

This is a 1920×1200 px image.

Magical Night Wallpaper

Late night Halloween wallpaper

Conversely, nothing works better than a dark night and plentiful of gleaming pumpkins.

Ignited Pumpkin Body Wallpaper

Twitchy moon wallpaper

A strong tree with a pumpkin, gleaming head and a moon behind. Does it satisfy you? It does for me.

Dimensions: 1920×1080 px.

Halloween Cartoon Wallpapers

Halloween cartoon wallpaper

This picture compiles of different characters that are related to the Halloween.

It is, however, unusual to see the pumpkin in the middle so happy, maybe having his army along with him makes him happy to haunt you.

The dimensions of this image are 1920×1080 px.

Blue mystical wallpaper

Blue mystical wallpaper

This picture is standard display of a halloween night!

Image size is 1443×1083 px.

Typical Halloween wallpaper

Halloween wallpaper

This picture of spooky house just adjacent to the moon is occupied by all the 3 great haunts of the Halloween Night, a witch, a cat and the Pumpkin the great, all just their to wish you a Happy Halloween.

Dimensions: 1280×1024 px.

Trick or treat wallpaper

Trick or treat wallpaper

On the contrary, these happy pumpkins who’ve stolen the witch’s hat seem quite happy.

Dimensions: 1280×800 px.

Pumpkin in the cold

Snow pumpkin wallpaper

It is still a mystery that how did that pumpkin get up there on that fence, the owner of the house must’ve been haunted to speak.

Dimensions: 1920×1080 px.

Animated pumpkin wallpaper

Animated wallpaper

This blind, blood thirsty pumpkin wishes you a Happy Halloween.

Dimensions: 1280×1024 px.

Red, ignited pumpkins

Shining pumpkin

The grumpy red pumpkins followed by their leader seem a bit too angry, download this wallpaper to attain the best of it.

Animated Animals’ Wallpaper

Cartoon pumpkin wallpaper

This bunny disguised as which and puppy as a skeleton seem quite happy with their Jack O’Lantern.

Image size: 1600×928 px.

Scary Black Cat

Pumpkin and black cat wallpaper

This black cat is not at all cute and innocent, don’t go on its looks, as this is the most evil creature you can come across on a Halloween Night.

Red Background

Creepy wallpaper

This Predator view of a Pumpkin will scare the comfort out of you while being on your laptop’s background.

Pixel dimensions: 1920×1080 px.

Poo And His Friends Wallpaper

Cartoon wallpaper

Poo and his friends seem quite happy on the Halloween night as they enter the Graveyard, performing the rituals.

Pixel dimensions: 1920×1200 px.

Mystical Halloween Wallpaper

Pumpkin wallpaper

Conversely, this picture showing that scary house with that pumpkin in front, daring you with its smile to enter that house.

Two Pumkins Wallpaper

Two pumpkins wallpaper

These pumpkins have actually disguised themselves to have their skin similar to the tree’s. It’s a trap!

Creepy Teeth Wallpaper

Creepy teeth wallpaper

Whoever made this masterpiece must’ve been a skilled one, sneak a peek at the one of the top right. I’m done.

Dimensions: 2560×1600 px.

Creepy Hand Wallpaper

Creepy hand wallpaper

Pixel dimension: 1024×768 px.

Pumpkin Wallpaper

Pumpkin wallpaper

Pixel dimension: 1024×768 px.

Typical Halloween Wallpaper

Typical halloween wallpaper

We have all the possible apects covered in here, from Jack O’Lantern to skeleton and vampire. Oh wait, where are the witches?

Dimensions: 900×675 px.

Glowing Pumpkin Wallpaper

Pumpkin wallpaper

Dimensions: 1024×768 px.

Pumpkin Squad wallpaper

Pumpkins squad

Talk about all the pumpkins relaxing together, you can download this in HD as well.

Dimensions: 1280×960 px.

Black cat and pumpkin animated wallpapepr

Black cat wallpaper

Though, it’s difficult to state a connection between the cat and a pumpkin, both represent Halloween so I accept it as an interesting wallpaper.

Reflection Wallpaper

Reflective wallpaper

Reflective pumpkin wallpaper displays a beautiful reflection just on the left, not overdoing it, this wallpaper is pleasing.

Dimensions: 555×444 px.

Swirling pumpkin wallpaper

Swirl pumpkin wallpaper

Simple and definitive. Set this as your Facebook’s cover photo to encourage festivity.

Pumpkin Moon Wallpaper

Pumpkin moon

So the world, the pumpkins have finally taken over. Conversely, they now have a pumpkin moon that sets and rises whenever it wants.

Pumpkin Apple Wallpaper

Apple wallpaper

For all the Apple users out there, you can sustain festivity and be loyal to the brand image Apple has. Set this as your desktop wallpaper to mark an impression.

Creepy smile wallpaper

Creepy smile

Creepy smile all the way, you can download this wallpaper in HD resolution as well.

Spooky Wallpaper

Spooky wallpaper

Dimensions: 640×960 px.

Group of pumpkins

Multitude pumpkins wallpaper

All the emotions packed together in a picture; some are elated, some are smiling, some are sad, and some don’t know what world they’re in.

Dimensions: 500×375 px.

 Candle-light date

Misty wallpaper

Talk about a date between two pumpkins, madly in love.

Dimensions: 800×600 px.

Animated Pumpkin Wallpaper

Animated pumpkins

Talk about cuteness? These pumpkin stuffed together are definitely the one to adore.

Dimensions: 1600×1200 px.

Haunted Halloween Mansion Wallpapers:

Conversely, visiting Halloween Mansions is yet another favourite site-seeing people adore. Here, you will find intriguing halloween mansion wallpapers that will compell you into downloading a few:

Glorious Wallpaper 

Ethereal wallpaper

This mystical wallpaper is not only dynamic but sustains multiple meanings. Conversely, not only is this a horror mansion but also shows a vivid hand in the background.

Moreover, what could it mean? A red signal that it’s haunted.

Dimensions: 1600×1000 px.

Haunted Halloween Wallpaper

Spooky mansion wallpaper

This typical haunted mansion picture speaks for itself, download this as your wallpaper now.

Dimensions: 1680×1050 px.

The night falls

Halloween scenic wallpaper


Image size: 1920×1200 px.

Pretty Blue Wallpaper

Beautiful mansion

Conversely, this blue-ish wallpaper is downright pretty enough to rule your wallpaper background.

Dimensions: 1680×1050 px.

Green tinted mansion

Halloween Wallpaper

 Wooden Halloween Mansion

Mansion wallpaper

A rural farm area that promotes festivity. A wooden mansion can be seen as well with people walking towards it.

Image size: 1400×900 px.

Calm Night Wallpaper

Hugemansion wallpaper

Is that a Groovy skeleton I see crossing the road? Is that a black cat? Are those Jack O’Lanterns? Is that a graveyard? Well, what could’ve describe the event of Halloween better.

Inside of a mansion

Mansion wallpapers

Download this 3D impression of the inside of a haunted mansion. Moreover, the fire, undeniably, looks real.

Dimensions: 1280×1024 px.

Yet another haunted night

Haunted wallpaper

Moreover, talk about the perfect description of what haunted house should be. The smoke is yet another additional intriguing effect to the picture.

Dimensions: 1920×1080 px.

Animated Halloween Wallpaper

Night Halloween wallpaper

This spooky house next to the graveyard is the perfect imagination of a Halloween night.

Dimensions: 1920×1200 px.

Happy Halloween Wallpaper

Mansion wallpaper

So the the idle house for the witches, ghosts and cats have been discovered by them as they can be seen moving towards it. Conversely, you can download this wallpaper here.

Witches and Spirits Wallpapers:

The witch and her broomstick wallpaper

Witch wallpaper

Furthermore, the witches have started to travel in the evening as the Halloween night approaches in this wallpaper.

Dimensions: 1920×1200 px.

Haunted house spirit

Ghoul wallpaper

You know why they say don’t step into an old building without precautions? Well this is why.

Moreover, it is certainly obvious that all the haunted spirits and ghosts reside here.

Dimensions: 1600×1200 px.

Animated Halloween Witch

Animated girl wallpaper

A tiny pumpkin in the hand and an eye sharper than laser, this witch knows how to turn things upside down.

Dimensions: 1024×728 px.

Lost Angel Safari

Ghoul wallpaper

Abandoned from heaven or struggling on Earth? This spirit seems to have found place in an old mansion.

Dimensions: 1368×853 px.

Animated witch


Conversely, cooking a duck for the lunch on the typical pot, this witch seems to have gone bizarre.

Dimensions: 1600×1200 px.

Monster party wallpaper

Halloween magic

All the elements of Halloween moreover, why not attend a party together? Okay, I tried.

Picture size: 1024×768 px.

Witch and the castle

Witch wallpaper

A witch descending towards a castle. Rapunzal? Is that what I seem to remember? ‘Let down your hair.’

Image size: 1400×1050 px.

Interesting Halloween Wallpapers:

Spider Wallpaper

Spider web wallpaper

Consequently, having this scary spider web as your wallpaper of laptop, mobile phone etc. will give you the vibes of being in a spider’s web.

Dimensions: 1920×1200 px.

Halloween Characters Wallpaper

Halloween group wallpaper

So here comes the skeleton, the Dracula, the pumpkin along with other fellows specially to wish you a Happy Halloween.

Dimensions: 1920×1080 px.

Bloodied wallpaper

Creepy hand

Image size: 1024×640 px.

Dark Night with Ravens


Abandoned Area

Mystical wallpaper

This seems like a farm, or an abandoned place that screams of being haunted. Beware.

Dimensions: 612×459 px.

Spider Cobwebs


This certainly reminds me of multitude jokes that evolve around cobwebs. Conversely, download this wallpaper if you want to feel the tingle your body feel when spiders crawl.

Dimensions: 1900×1080 px.

‘Have a horrific halloween.’

Halloween Wallpapers

Hands down, the title speaks for itself.

Image size: 1920×1200 px.

The land of the dead


Creepy, isn’t it? Imagine putting this up as your wallpaper and staring in the eye of the extreme left zombie on the below. On the contrary, this is an animated picture though still looks realistic as anything.

Stained White Rose

Bloodied rose

Look at the trails of blood tickling down, this is what happened to the souls back in the time of Samhain.

Private meetings

Haunted wallpaper

Scarecrow Wallpaper


A scarecrow settled right in the middle of an abandoned area, with ravens flying around, reveal true definition of haunted.

Night at a cemetery


Imagine getting stuck in here? If that’s what you desire for, then download it right away to let your device be the gateway to this image.

Dimensions: 1209×962 px.

Skeleton Dance

Skeleton dance

According to sociology, dancing crazily has a stabilization attached to it as well. People dance reluctantly when they have no authority over them and sustain freedom.

Here, skeletons seem happy of the arrival of Halloween, and are dancing in a group at the thought of it.

Dimensions: 600×450 px.

Cartoon Wallpaper

Lights wallpaper

Who says Halloween has to be scary? It could be cute like this and people would still manage to have bountiful fun.

Glowing, mystical wallpaper

Glorious wallpaper

When I say beautiful, this is exactly what I mean. With perfect color combinations flying across the picture and delivering the flawless scenery of halloween, this downright deserves to be my wallpaper for sure.

Let’s see who downloads this first? You or me?

Haunted Zombie Wallpaper

Gothic wallpaper

She’s coming your way in that white, bloodied dress. Though remember, they eat brains.

This image and all the images below it can be downloaded in any pixel dimension you desire to, simply click on the links to download.

Beautiful ghost

Ghost wallpaper

Beauty can certainly deceive, though digesting the fact that she’s a ghost, set her as your wallpaper to celebrate the true festive season.

HD Tombstone


This rest in peace tombstone certainly reminds one of the day of the dead, set this as your wallpaper if you desire.

Gleaming Raven


The black raven downright looks cool enough as the black smoke around him gives a flattering image. Cool, isn’t it?

Creepy zombie hands

Zombie hands

Be aware of the trees from now on as zombies could be waiting for you behind them. I wonder why did they choose to hide their faces?

Tree silhouette

Silhouette tree

This picture perfectly showcases the day of the dead by all the people gathered to site-see that moon, near a gigantic, old tree.

Pretty Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween wallpaper

Red devil girl

Creepy girl

She may look innocent but we know what’s behind that face. This red devil girl is also a flawless idea to rock as a halloween costume.

Happy Halloween wallpaper

Wallpaper pumpkin

Bones Printed Wallpaper

Halloween bones

Cute, simple, and festive, all the things you need in a wallpaper if neither of the above attracted you. Conversely, set this as your background image and you’ll know the difference.

Final Note:

The preferences of choosing a wallpaper for your device is up to you, though ensuring that you celebrate Halloween like it should be is a must.

This Halloween make a checklist, if you don’t already, to ensure every aspect from decorations to costumes, is covered and don’t forget to add ‘set a halloween wallpaper’ in it too.

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