For a person who likes ensuring that every inch of their costume should scream Halloween, decorating their nails is a must. Most of us get tired soon to let our nails speak for themselves.

Though little do we know, 2017 sustains multitude Halloween nail art ideas that can never go wrong.

Conversely, All Hallows Eve is a festival of remembering the dead souls, martyrs, who died back in the days. This season also marks an end to spring and is celebrated in the season of Samhain.

Everybody has a different way of celebrating Halloween by settling up with different costumes, though nails are major theme determinants.

Check out these awesome Halloween Makeup Ideas!

This article contains:

  1. Basic and Effortless Halloween Nails
  2. Amateur Halloween Nails

Awesome Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Basic and Easy to do Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Nails for Halloween are downright the statement makers a person can wear. Though, for last minute ideas, these basic and Effortless Halloween Nails are the ones handy for you.

The following are a list of effortless Halloween Nail art ideas that will hardly consume much proportion of your time:

Black and red alert

Black and red nails

What do you need for this look?

Red and black nail polishes along with a transparent nail polish. Simply layer a coat of black nail polish and once it’s dry, layer it with a transparent nail polish.

Once you’re done, start dabbling red nail color on the inner corner of your nails for this flawless look.

All shades of shine

Shiny nails
For this look, grab all the possible nail polishes you have with shiny elements. Start applying them one after the another, forming a sequence.

Don’t want to follow a particular sequence? Simply apply it wherever you want for this funky Halloween nail.

Neon nail attack

Neon nail

Not only does this look super attractive in the dark but is the most effortless nail art you can rock this festive season. All you need is a glow nail polish and you’re ready to flaunt.

Liar Nail Art

Liar nails
This gorgeous nail art design is all that you can make a statement with.

What do you need for this look? 

You need red, white, black nail polishes and a transparent nail polish. For three finger, all you need to do is apply a thin coat of white nail color, then follow it with dabbling little sprinkles of red nail polish.

Conversely, once it’s dried, write the letters ‘L, I, R.’ For the ring finger, it is as easy as it looks.

Green gradient

Gradient nails
This green gradient is absolutely flawless to rock at a Halloween party, simply apply a coat of green nail color and play wonders with black using a sponge.

Smoky Nail Art

Midnight smoke nail

What if I told you, by the looks of this nail art, that it’s not as difficult as it seems. In fact, its one of the easiest designs you can carry this Halloween. How? Watch the tutorial given below to find out.

Evil Eye

Evil eye nail

For all the satan lovers, this is the look for you. Even if you do not support the reason behind this look, it is downright perfect for the festive season about to come your way.

Red marble

Halloween Nail Art Black marble

of the easiest and simple Halloween designs you can come across, this looks flawless once worn. Know how to rock this blazing red look? Watch the video below to learn.

One Spooky spider nails

Spider nails

The best part about spider themed nails are that they look expensive even though are downright effortless.

All you need is a white nail polish and a spider stamp of your choice. You can ever create one, and the magic is on.

Red french manicure

Holy-gorgeous? This french manicure with a tint of red and black will downright be perfect for the season you’re preparing for. Press play to the video above to learn how easy this look really is.

Orange bats

Orange bats nails

Aren’t they adorable? With oranges and blacks you can form this absolutely cute look.

Adorable little ghosts

Adorable little ghosts

Oh darn, I’m scared. These nails will have every soul ‘aw-ing’ around you, they are that adorable and really easy to create.

Bloodied nails

Hands up, you’re under arrest as your nails are solid evidence of your presence at the crime scene. Jokes apart, isn’t this absolutely trendy and Halloween-y?

Stitched up Halloween nails

Stitched moons

Keeping Halloween to aside, just talk about how gorgeous this generally looks. The green glitter and the stitched moons are absolutely flawless.

To follow the variations of this design, watch the video below to convince yourself for this effortless look.

Creepy eyeballs

The creepy eye ball is one of the coolest nail art you can make this Halloween. These can be done on any size of the nail, no matter how short.

Skull nails

Skull nails

This smooky skull nail art Is downright perfect for the festive season. Conversely, this is one of the easiest nail designs that you can come across as the picture speaks for itself.

Spooky ghosts nail art ideas

Cute nails

Dripping blood nails

Blood nails
Rock these bloodied fingers to Halloween and watch everyone sustain an illusion that it’s real blood.

Amateur Halloween Nails:

Nail art

Now that you’ve discovered all the possible ideas of easy and Effortless Halloween Nail Art designs, following are amateur Halloween Nails.

For these, you may need a nail parlour, or some may not as once they’re ready, they look absolutely ethereal:

Black widow nails

Black widow

These perfect blood red patterns on the scrubby black no wonder is the best combination to wear with a Dracula dress.

If you’re obsessed with black widows and want to have a look like them, then you cannot afford to go out on a Halloween night without these nails on.

Adorable Ghost busters nail art

Green halloween

Isn’t this just genius, the part where you have different characters of Halloween on each fingertip?

Halloween patchwork

Stitched Halloween nails

Glittey graveyard

This is what i say the most coolest and the creepiest nail art out there, that grave, that house that tree, they reveal how significant Halloween is for you, however that blue background shows how cool you really are.

Polka Dots

Polka dots

Red moon art

Blood moon art

These nails are a perfect description of how a sky looks on a Halloween night, just amazingly crafted.

Adorable greens

Adorable green

These green nails with the perfect Halloween art are just too cool to go with any dress you wear.

Skeleton Nail art

Halloween Nail Art skeleton

Conversely, when you’re asked to show your nails on a Halloween night, you bend your fingers and your thumb inwards and then creep them out with the scary house, the Jack O lantern, the skeleton whose body is parted in two, and the angry ghost resting on your pinky finger.

Halloween mansions

Halloween mansion design

Here is the beauty of being crafty, 1 and half house on each nail, make up to 3 houses on 2 nails, covered with dark and shiny black sky on the other two.

Perfect Cobweb nails


Glittery trees

Trees nail art

The glittery golden with black trees, no doubt they actually look creepy.

Corny Nails

Corny nails


Skin color followed by yellow, orange and white, how can we forget old school? Many of us still go for elegant stuff like this.

Metallic silver nails

Silver negative nails

Aren’t these absolutely elegant? Conversely, these have been my favorite so far. With the classy black moon and a silver french tip,this is absolutely stunning and robotic.

Elegant skull nail art idea

Sugar skull nail art

Being the trendiest nail theme of Halloween, you can now paint it on your nails as well and simply spice up your costume.

Vampire nails

Vampire nails

Conversely, they do look downright difficult to create but if your rock them this Halloween, your hands will be a statement maker. I absolutely love those teeth, roar, they bite.

Purple cat nail idea

Purple cat

The grass, the grave, the moon and the cat. Oh my god no, look what’s that? The cat’s body is parted by you ring and pinky finger.

You can fool your friends by saying, “there is a mystical secret behind this.”

Fire nails

Fire ignition nails

Carry this look to present yourself as a fierce, fire girl which further can be a perfect costume idea for you.

Purple skeleton nails

Halloween skeleton nails

Just simply grab a shimmery purple nail polish and start your creativity with a thin liner brush to acquire magic.

Black spider nails

Spider halloween nail art ideas

These spider inspired nails are everything. Draw random lines to signify the cobwebs and draw spider on others if preferred.

Mickey mouse nails

Mickeymouse nails

One word: adorable. Those Mickey mouse nails for Halloween will be a perfect trendsetter as the hands and scary pumpkins are downright festive.

Aunty acid nails

Aunty acid nails

How about rocking a hilarious cartoon on your nail? Simply draw these on and show your appreciation.

Spider, Spider web and ghost nails

Comic book nails

These festive nails can be rocked with whichever costume you choose to wear. Aren’t these simply adorable?

Galaxy nails

Universe nails

Imagine having the universe at the tip of your nails, downright goals, right? Simply wear these electrifying nails to Halloween and awe-struck others.

Cross Nails

Cross church nails

These nails signify the importance of Christianity and if you’ve been thinking about being a nun, or father this Halloween, these are the nails for you.

White and black marble nails

Marble nails
These nails are absolutely stunning and easy to create, though they do look expensive.

Crime scene finger print nails

Bloodied evidence nails

Okay so it was you who took the heart out of john’s body? Wait a minute, we’ll need to test your blood for the DNA!

Matte black studded nails

Studded black nails

One word: trendiest. With all the lines of matte coming up in every cosmetic range, rocking matte nails is downright festive and classy.

Simply place a stud on your middle finger to be as fierce as anything.

Web Nail Art

Scarlet french tips

These elegant, scarlet french tips scream festivity and are begging you to give them a try.

Orange horizontal strips

Orange horizontal strips

One word: festive. These nails remind me of so many factors involved with Halloween, mainly the pumpkin. Rock these Orange nails which are absolutely perfect for the occasion you’re to celebrate.

Morgan Taylor nails

Morgan Taylor nails

As difficult they seem to achieve, they are absolutely flawless. These spider themed nails are all that your costume needs.

Orange and silver nails

Orange nails

These Orange nails are shimmery enough to steal the light, and the Orange color looks absolutely delicious.

Perfect tattooed manicure

Tattooed tips

Here comes my second favorite. For starter, the tattooed tips are everything, they are downright goals. Thus, you can even create these tattoos by permanent markers if you don’t wish to carry them forever.

Get yourself a fierce manicure like this and

Bat nail art

Bat nails
Talk about beautification to our nails. Conversely, grab light pink, blues, and black with a liner brush and turn your creativity skills on.

Pumpkin nails

Pumpkin ideas

This flawless pumpkin will spice festivity throughout your outfit. And it’s downright creative.

Festive Pumkins Nail Art


These happy Jack o lantern will surely not keep anyone who sees your nails happy, instead they’ll creep them out in the very first look.

Beautiful autumn nails

Orange tint nails

Spooky spiders

Spooky spiders

Those spooky spiders with white background at the same time are a very decent nail art to have on a festive night.

Purple cobwebs

Purple webs

Look what we got here, the coolest spider web right on them nails, this is the design that will ultimately look beautiful with whatever you wear, the contrast of glitter with black and purple is just too awesome.

The ‘can never go wrong’ manicure

Halloween nail ar5

One word: Flawless. Keeping the fact aside that I’m desperate to know the creator behind this, these nails scream Halloween.

A heart, a skeleton, a couple of stones, and the perfect look.

Black cat

Cat nails

This is what you call cute plus scary. No wonder how scary they will look on the Halloween night.

Final Note:

You can wear these nails in everyday life as well, the preferences are up to you. Moreover, if you’ve been inspired by any of the nail looks given above, simply optimize your costume in accordance to it and a splendid costume is ready.

Conversely, rock every Halloween nail art idea each day for the whole season to boost the creativity within you.

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