With Halloween just around the corner, it’s interestingly really hard for us to decide which look to go for. Furthermore, with a variety of Halloween makeup ideas to look at, it is downright hard for us to choose a look that is not only easy on our pocketbook but ignites a statement.

Halloween, being a prehistoric event with multitude of significance to respecting the dead, people seem to dress like their ancestors or ancient people to present a pack of gratitude and remembrance.

Nowadays, there are evident suggestions like impersonating Harley Quinn or Joker and bountiful other fictional personalities. And further more. Consequently, in this article, I have put ahead of you, clear and simple, makeup ideas that will definitely scream for you.

You can also enjoy these awesome Halloween Pictures.

This article contains:

  1. Effortless Last Minute Makeup Ideas For Halloween
  2. Ideas & Tutorials For Heavy Halloween Makeup
  3. Fictional Characters Makeup Ideas & Tutorials

Effortless & Easy to Do Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Ideas

For people who’re not into overdramatic looks that might be bold for some but overrated for others, I have a collection of soft and effortless Halloween makeup ideas that you can flawlessly wear this year. The list starts below:

Leopard Look Halloween Makeup

Leopard Halloween makeup

If you’re seeking for a look that enhances your natural features yet gives you an edgy persona of celebrating Halloween, this is the look for you. In addition, this is an effortless makeup idea that will define gorgeousness.

For this makeup, you are advised to follow your typical makeup routine if you’re feminine. On the contrary, if you’re a male then you should prime your skin and apply eye-liner if necessary.

In order to achieve a charming to witness face, I have linked a youtube video tutorial down below.

‘A Gorgeous Lioness’ Halloween look:

Easy lion make-up for Halloween

In order to feel empowered and ferocious this Halloween, the following make-up look will make you look lavishly beautiful. In addition, it provides you a festive look for the season as well.

In order to look brave like a lion, adapt the following look and get ready to rock this celebration. Linked below is a make-up tutorial for this fresh, effortless look:

 Easy Halloween Eye Makeup

Purple eyeshadow mask for Halloween

What’s Halloween if there is no customization? Embrace purple eyeshadow all over your eye line and be a trendsetter. Be it any color you like, though Halloween is all about remembering certain aspects your way.

If you’re into punk make-up, flutter black eyeshadow all the way. Customize it the way you appreciate it, wear it like you want it.


If you’re male, then use color schemes that seem intriguing to you and get ready to effortlessly pull this look off.

You’re advised to refer to the following video as it’ll teach you how to achieve this look and to further customize it your way:


Clown Makeup

Easy clown makeup

With the involvement of a fictional character ‘Joker’ since 90’s, erupting around the corner, you can lead your preferences to looking like one.

In this article, however, you will find two tutorials for this look; an effortless and a harder version.

Though, you can choice whosoever suits you perfectly. Conversely, once you’re done picking out a makeup idea for yourself, Halloween costumes will be the next counter you’ll easily be able to select.

Vampire Halloween Makeup

Porcelain white skin

Desiring to be a boldly white Halloween queen for the night? This make-up idea is downright all that you need. Get ready to sustain a porcelain finished skin this halloween.

Grab the whitest face powder you can, and a glue stick that will make you look luminous beyond limits. Conversely, wear a black eyeshadow, eye-liner, and a bluntly dull lipstick to cope up with the look.

In addition, blow dry your hair and tangle them outwards with the help of a comb. Your effortless, ten minutes make-up is perfectly ready to roll.


Bloody Mary Makeup Tutorial

Bloody Mary Halloween Look

Been attaining a zombie vibe? Or that similar to a vampire? All you really need is a red lipstick, harm free glue, face powders, and crimson colored lenses for your eyes to provide you an intensifying look, yet effortless.

Conversely, you may customize yourself and add or eliminate certain aspects if they don’t meet up with your requirements. This halloween, mentally prepare yourself to rule the festive season with a bold look.

Below, I have listed a youtube video tutorial that will help you attain this look easily.

Lips sealed Makeup

Sealed lips inspired makeup

Sealed lips, doesn’t this look overly dramatic? And cringe-worthy? But what if I told you, this is way easier than you think it can be.

Excluding the lips, this look requires a minimum of 150 seconds from your soul. Whereas, the lip is what classifies this look as a slightly difficult to work perfectly with.

All you have to do is figure out the right points to connect a line, and this look is all yours. Following, there is a youtube video that will teach you this look as it’s not only a statement maker but effortlessly great.

Butterfly Fairy Makeup

Orange butterfly makeup for halloween

As adorably charming do these little creatures look, adapting their looks can certainly be beautiful on the face.

Not only does it deliver a cute vibe, but also makes you seem festive and careful about the Halloween costume criteria.

Although, you can always alter a few aspects around, ensuring that whoever you choose to become, it reflects a true side of you.

Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

zombie makeup tutorial

For as little as a short notice, this look is downright the best that you can pull off. Not only does it sustain some wounds but it also has the stitches to customize the look.

Furthermore, if you’ve learned something from the videos by now you can add and subtract some aspects by your wants. It’s undeniably all about your wants.

Ideas For Heavy Makeup Look:

Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Now that you’ve witnessed easy DIYs that were not only effortless but required just a few minutes.

Those looks can definitely be last minute. Though for these dark makeup ideas, they demand time and effort but the results are undeniably breathtaking.

Look ahead to seek for yourself heavy, dramatic makeup for this Halloween to help you make up your mind:

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Beautiful blue mermaid makeup for halloween

This gorgeously stunning look is the one to root for. The shimmering tones of blue and silver blend together to present a technical masterpiece.

If this Halloween, by any chance, this look intrigues you, play the following video to witness the creation of this look.

Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Comic book character makeup

This intriguing look is definitely the one to die for. This 3D fictional look seems surreal as the creativity roots at the next level. If you’ve been considering to put such effort into your look, then let me tell you, you’ll rock it.

In order to achieve this look, following is a youtube video tutorial teaching you how to attain this magnificent look.

Belle Femme:

Intense magical look

Talk about a better-sculpted eyeliner, that line is the one to die for. With bold, black, intense eyes and favoring red lip, this look is market completed with a black headband and a matchcig outfit.

If you’re keen on becoming a majestically beautiful woman that day, this is your look. Furthermore, this way you’ll not only look gorgeously stunning that night but will walk with multitude of eyes on you.

Dark Fairy Halloween Makup Tutorial

Dark fairy makeup Halloween inspired look

Let’s thrive into something more dramatic, this festive season get ready to adapt this look with gems and stones to give you a bold, statement maker look.

In order to achieve this dramatic look, get an idea from the following video as customization is always upto you. If you don’t like certain lines, if you want more smokiness, it’s all on you.

Melting Barbie Makeup Tutorial


To make trends turn a bit, this compellingly striking piece of art will make heads turn twice. Even though it’ll require a lot of effort from you but the results will be ravishing.

To endure yourself in the aura of this look, watch the video above to rock this Halloween.

Lady Peacock Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Holy gorgeousness. If you think you can pull this look off, flutter this halloween with your existence because damn, you will look fine as anything.

To achieve this pure, ethereal look that takes you to another world, watch the tutorial above to learn magic.

Evil Clown Makeup Tutorial

Clown face tutorial

If you really want to entertain the younger generation with heartfelt smiles and laughter, this is the look you need to have in order to make others contented.

Wear a wig, paint your face, and make others’ day. In order to achieve this look, watch the video below and get ready with me.

Sugar Skull Face Makeup Ideas and Tutorial

Sugar skull, a Halloween makeup look.

Elegant skull face is a look we commonly see all around us, though the legends state it right, old never loses its worth.

This fashionable look gives an upfront statement directing to the festival you’ll soon be celebrating.

This look originally gives typical Halloween vibes as it downright is a tough look that looks ethereal when accomplished.

Half-Faced Skeleton:

A half-faced skeleton.

With this make-up idea in trend, their have been plenty make-up artist signifying this look as something they’ve worn to halloween parties and have looked praisable.

If you want to be one of them, pull this gorgeous look off and let others watch you like a surreal beauty.

Adorable Deer Face Makeup

Adorably cute pink deer makeup

Who says History of Halloween is all about looking scary? Have a face that is adorably cute and you’ll pass the night with pretty colors.

Be a deer this time as this makeup idea is trending all around the corners. Watch the video below to easily learn how to try it your self.

Sexy Vampire Look:

Bloodied vampire look for halloween.

Most of us are insane vampire fanatics and getting to be one on Halloween, is downright prestigious. Be your favorite vampire character this season, whoever they may be.

Though, if you want to rock a typical vampire existence, watch the tutorial below to teach yourself how to attain this look.

Colorful Zipper & Eyeliner tutorial for Halloween

Imagine a world where you open the zipper and brilliant colors fly away, keeping this theme in mind, professional make-up artists have evolved it into a beautiful masterpiece.

In order to attain this look, the steps are simple and clear. Watch the following video to side by side acquire this beautiful piece of art.

Poker Face

Skull face with a tint of poker

This mixture of elegant skull and poker face is the one to die for. This blend certainly looks appealing to the eye and can be passed on to generations for a receptive halloween look.

Ancient Skull Face:

Bald skull face

This hauntingly sculptured face is the evident example of a typical halloween face. You can definitely wear this look to this event by preaching yourself through the following video.

Half-skull Face:

Half-faced skull Hotness in halloween

If you’re deciding to rock a two-faced attire, chances are that there will be more eyes on you than the decorations around.

Rock this make-up look, you’re great to go. Further, watch the video given below to learn this look.

Pumpkin-faced head:

Pumpkin head makeup

Why need Halloween decorations like Jack O’Lanterns when you have your entire body as a landscape to be transformed into a pumpkin?

This makeup idea is downright trendy, so watch the video below and learn how to acquire this makeup.

Broken Mechanical Face:

Mechanical half face

This monstrous face is a cut in the trend, revealing its own sort of uniqueness. Attain this make-up look to look incomparable.

Final Note:

Halloween is a day for everyone who respect the dead people of our society, and remarkable personalities. This Halloween, ensure to pray for them and wear blissful attires to be the star of the event. In addition, do let us know if we inspired your

Fictional Characters Halloween Makeup Ideas

Like said above, Halloween attires are all about customization and personal satisfaction. If you believe that you can flawlessly reveal yourself better in another character, feel free to rock it to the bottom.

Though I insist, even while you’re celebrating any event, never displace the motive behind and in the case of Halloween, remember the dead.

Following is a list of distinct characters I’ve chosen for you that you can impersonate this Halloween:

Snow White:

Snowwhite halloween makeup

Be white this festive season, be snow white. Buy all the possible elements for this attire and once you’re done, watch the video down below to imitate this surreal beauty and look gorgeous.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup

With the release of suicide squad, it has been estimated that almost every white girl would want to pull this look off and look brave, wild, and unbreakable.

Most people consider her as an inspiration of letting girls be whatsoever they want to be, regardless of the society’s standards. If you want to support this thought, feel free to wear this look to your nearest Halloween party.

In addition, watch the video below to attain this flawlessly ethereal face.

Suicide Squad’s Joker

Suicide Squad Joker Makeup

A fictional character existing since the 90’s in comic books or movies, Halloween is the wisest time of the year to breathe him alive.

Following is a video tutorial to help you teach how to attain this flawlessly perfect joker makeup.

More Amazing Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2016 in Pictures

Sewed Face Horroifying Makeup

Sewed Face Horror Makeup


Dark Sewed Lips Makeup

Dark Sewed Lips Makeup

Cracked Skull Makeup

Cracked Skull Makeup

Demon Like Makeup for Halloween

Demon Like Makeup for Halloween

Female Zip Face/Skin Makeup

Female Zip Face/Skin Makeup

Terrifying Clown Face Makeup

Terrifying Clown Face Makeup


Female Jigsaw Makeup From Saw

Female Jigsaw Makeup From Saw


Comic like Face Halloween makeup Idea

Comic like Face Halloween makeup Idea




Up Down Face Illusion Makeup Idea

Up Down Face Illusion Makeup Idea


Sugar Skull Face Makeup Idea

Sugar Skull Face Makeup Idea



Double Vision Makeup for Halloween

Double Vision Makeup for Halloween

Face and Skin Zip Makeup

Face and Skin Zip Makeup

Crazy Horrifying Clown Makeup for Girls

Crazy Horrifying Clown Makeup for Girls


50 Makeup Ideas for Halloween in Video

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