With Halloween just around the corner, it is downright high time for parents, elder siblings, and grandparents to purchase Halloween costumes for babies they love.

Conversely, I downright understand the trouble since I myself have little toddlers that just can’t wait for Halloween. Consequently, this prehistoric event (read about Halloween’s History) not only is seemingly created to remember the dead souls but also unifies multitude families. It basically spreads a fragile thing namely to be love.

With competition for new products, costumes increasing rapidly each year, understanding your slither amount of pain, I have compiled for you over 70+ Halloween costumes for children in 2016.

Consequently, once you’re done scrolling through the article, you’ll be left with a wide canvas full of costumes to decide from.

This article contains:

  1. Adorable Baby Costumes for Halloween
  2. Character’s Halloween Costumes For Infants
  3. Cheap And Affordable Halloween Baby Costumes
  4. High-End Halloween Costumes For Kids

Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies:

There are certain Halloween costumes that can only be pulled of by babies. Nowadays, Halloween attires are being transformed so creatively that you’ll definitely want to steal them all.

Regardless of how this day is for almost every age group, there are most of the outfits that only infants can rock, harder than you ever have.

Adorable baby being happy

Following are breathtakingly adorable Halloween costumes for kids that will make you want to purchase them all, regardless of their price tag:

Little Lion Costume – $18.99

Baby lion halloween costumes for babies

Make your babies wear this and watch them roar in this fiercely adorable Halloween costume.

Bat Baby Costume – $16.99

Little bat boy

This adorable bat costume will make it easier for you to scold your infants, toddlers, and children. Just say, ‘bat baby’ and you’re good to go.

Pink Lamb – $17.22

A cute baby in a lamb outfit

While not a major unisex costume, this will perfectly go for baby girls this Halloween as pink is their peace of charm.

Peacock Costume – $27.45

Beautiful peacock baby

This peacock costume is downright settled amongst the best Halloween costumes for babies as this adorable piece of art doesn’t divert your attention. Not even a second.

Owl Costume – $17.99

Adorable owl

This owl layered with multiple colors, will not let you sleep at night as to how adorable your little infant will look in it. In addition, this is downright adorable.

Tiger Baby Costume – $17.99

A fiercely cute tiger

This picture forces me to say that tigers have never been cuter until now. Conversely, purchase this outfit to let your babies get surrounded by the aroma of mischief and tricks in the season of Halloween.


Dragon Boy Costume – $29.50

A dragon boy

I would absolutely be honored to have dinner with a dragon like this. On the contrary, they’re nice species. If only.


Super Cute Puppy Costume – $17.94

A baby boy dressed as a puppy

This is downright an adorable version of how enticing the baby may look once settled in this costume. This not only ignites the cuteness level but further promotes Halloween.

Human (Baby) Lobster – $16.61

A human lobster

Delicious, right? This red, human lobster costume for a baby is rightfully the costume to look for. In addition, just take a moment for those adorable claws.

A Baby Monkey – $33.54

A baby human monkey

As adorable as real life monkeys may be, these infant costumes outrun that statement. This is pure cuteness.

Stinky Skunk Costume – $35.58

A baby skunk costume

Truth be told, skunks do stink. Though, a costume for your baby will take that misconception away. To be precise, this is admirably perfect.

Cute Bunny Outfit – $16.86

Adorable bunny

Breathtakingly adorable, isn’t it? This beautiful pink and white blend of a Halloween costume is all that your baby girl needs this year.

Baby Elephant Getup – $33.98

Elephant costume for boys

This baby boy elephant costume downright defines cuteness.


Elephant Costume For Baby Girls – $13.45

Elephant costume for baby girls

If you found the costume before this purely adorable though have a girl to buy for, this is exactly what you need to have.

What Does The Fox Say? – $17.88

A fox baby boy

‘Cuteeee!’ The fox says, cute.

Lil’ Monkey Girl attire – $24.95

Little monkey girl

Aren’t babies adorable little creatures we like calling monkeys? If so, this is the costume for your beloved toddler/infant. 

New Born Octopus Costume – $34.63

Octopus costume for unisex

I’m deeply sorry but can we take a minute again? This is beautifully adorable. Make your baby pose like this and let them reveal how octopus isn’t really dangerous.

Elegant Pumpkin Princess – $15.28

Pumpkin frock for girls

This beautifully sequined dress not only reveals festivity but further displays an elegant attire.

Baby Giraffe Costume – $21.99

Baby giraffe costume

This adorable baby giraffe costume for Halloween is downright comfortable and cute.

A Kid Pumpkin Bag

Cute pumpkin bag

This adorable costume is not a bag, but an attire for Halloween that has plenty of space to store sweets.

Halloween Costumes Of Characters For Infants

Cartoon & game characters are not only compelling enough to be looked alike as but are further intriguing for children under the age of 12. There are certain cartoons marked as favorites for children.

If your baby is a cartoon character fanatic then you better be just enough to let them impersonate them this Halloween. Following are the costumes of certain character that your babies might as well love:

Super Mario Children Costume – $24.94

Boy super mario costume

Let this super Mario save her princess, this is a character from the most overrated game.

Superman To The Rescue – $6.70

 Superman costume and cape

Superman costume that compels your child to fly anywhere in the world. Just kidding.

Star Wars Princess Leia Romper – $14.09

Star wars costume for girl

If you’re a star wars fanatic, this is downright the perfect costume for your babies.

Pinocchio Outfit For Boys –  $29.40

Pinocchio boy costume

If you want to catch your children just when they lie, this is the costume you downright need.

Tinker Bell Attire – $20.45

Tinker bell costumeWhat better way to let your baby girl feel like she’s an important fairy.

Ninja Turtle Costume – $11.50

Ninja turtle costumeThey’re here! Ninja turtles at your service, to eliminate crime.

Buzzy Bee Costume – %15.99

Costume of buzzy bee buzzy bee is not only a definition to cute but I wouldn’t mind letting this creature sting me twice. This costume is all shades of adorable.

Minnie Mouse Infant Costume – $15.99

Minnie mouse costume

This trend of being a Minnie mouse never dies, from adults to infants, we all adore Minnie mouse.

Mickey Mouse Costume – $19.99

Costume for mickeyHow could I have missed mickey mouse? Buy this outfit for your baby to give them mickey vibes.

Star Wars Complete Baby Yoda Costume – $18.69

Star wars halloween costume

For all the star wars fanatics who have baby boys in their lives, this costume is for you. Represent your appreciation through them.

Full Minions (Romper) Costume – $12.61

Minion halloween costume

Who doesn’t adore minions? If your baby likes cuddling, buy them this. As everybody would urge to squeeze out the cuteness.

Itty Bitty Lady Bug Outfit – $31.14

Cute butterfly costume

This adorable bumble bee rocks this dress better than anyone. There she is, itsy bitsy lady bug.

Disney Snow White Getup – $20.89

Elegant snow white costume

Let your baby girls feel important through this snow white costume.

DC Comic Supergirl Costume – $16.03

DC comics superwomanPurchase this adorable pink costume (Onesie And Headpiece) for Halloween.

Woody Costume From Toy Story – $22.28

Woody costume

We all have watched this movie and let’s be seemingly honest, Woody has been our favorite so far.

Elvis The King – $21.42

Elvis costume

For all the Elvis fanatics out there, set free the 90’s breeze and make your babies revive his name.

Cheap And Affordable Halloween Baby Costumes

Let’s be brutally honest, Halloween may be a festive season packed with happiness and fun, but keeping it easy on your pocketbook is a must.

Following is a list of cheap, and affordable Halloween baby costumes that are of good quality but are easy on your budget:

Baby Christmas Tree Costume – $6.45

Christmas tree

Talk about uniqueness, wear Christmas tree on Halloween as it not only reveals a great sense of humor but further promotes religious festivities.

Garden Gnome Kid’s Costume – $3.73

Elf costume

This Garden Gnome Outfit will definitely make your baby stand out from the crowd.

Frozen’s Olaf Toddler Costume – $2.98

Olaf costume

Hey, this is Olaf, he loves warm hugs.

Little Devil Outfit – $13.77

Devil costume for halloween

Let your son evolve around being a devil in the cheapest costume one could find.

Princess Fiona Costume – $15.51

Princess Fiona costume

If you’ve been lurking around the corner to promote Shrek and its team, its high time you do it this year.

Navy Sailor Costume – $7.92

Young sailor costume

This young sailor costume can be yet another idea to promote this Halloween.

Young Hipster Costume – $4.25

Hippy costumeLet your baby rock all shades of cool through this outfit for Halloween. 

Panda Affordable Costume – $5.54

Panda costume

This cheap alternative to a Halloween costume of a panda fulfills all the requirements of festivity.

Dora The Explorer – $5.10

Dora the explorer costumeSay hello to your personal Dora The Explorer outfit, which is downright every child’s favorite.

Cookie Monster Big and Hat – %5.92

Green outfit

If you’re a fanatic, this is made only for you.

Santa Claus Costume – $7.76

Santa costume for halloween

This costume of a Santa merges to soulful festivals together; Christmas and Halloween.

Banana Costume – $6.59
Banana costume

Who doesn’t like cheap alternatives? Though if Banana costume is out in the market, it is a demand for everyone.

Bat Boy Costume – $6.59

Bat men costume

This bat boy costume will ignite the helpfully bright instincts inside your body. If only.

Honey Bee Costume – $13.59

Buzzle bee

This bee costume is not only adorable but perfect for the upcoming festival.

Dragon Costume – $7.43

Dragon costume

A provoking dragon costume that reflects fear and hype of festivity.

High-end Halloween Costumes For Babies:

It is undoubtedly true that at times it’s not really the quality we’re concerned about when buying anything related to representing our class, it’s more like a competition. Might not be for most.

Although, some people tend to look for a high-end Halloween costume to make their rivals burn. Some buy them to seek for quality.

Also, the following costumes can be ones that your babies adore, which is why feel free to shuffle through the list and seek the one you think suits to be one of the best Halloween costumes for babies.

Though to satisfy most of you, I have lined up, almost all the possible high-end Halloween costumes that will significantly make your baby’s day:

Four-eyed Froggy – $ 99.99

Frog costumeThis four-eyed froggy costume is not just adorable but sustains a cushy material that you just can’t wait to cuddle. 

Tinkerbell with Wings Costume – $ 99.99

Tinkerbell costume

This elegant costume of Tinkerbell is just what your baby needs to feel like a fairy.

High-end Lion Costume – $99.99
Lion costume

Breathtakingly cute, isn’t it? This adorable lion can scare you inside out. Not really.

Turtle Costume – $27-103

Turtle costume

I may be the slowest animal alive, though I’m cuter than you think I am.

Adorable Snowman Getup – $99.99

Snow baby costumeIntroduce me a heartless soul who would walk away from this, make your child wear this and Halloween would have never been better. Your personal Olaf.

Black Cat Costume – $99

Black cat costume

Watch out for her, don’t let her cross your path or she’ll cause disruptions.

Adorable Pink Puppy – $101.17

Pink sheep costume

I’d adopt this creature, right away. Every single time.

Polar Bear Costume – $94.31

Panda costume

This polar bear sustains enough cold to freeze people right in the spot and awe at it.

Rhino Costumes – $109.99

Rhino costume

This adorable costume is all that your baby needs to feel fierce with that enticing horn.

Buzz Lightyear Full Halloween Costume – $89.99

Buzz costume

Is your child a fanatic of the toy story? And would absolutely find it honoring to impersonate buzz? This is the costume for you.

Flamingo For The Season – $119.99

Flamingo costume

Love pink? Rock pink, feel pink as a bird.

Cheerleader Costume


Make your babies proud of USA as this costume is available in almost every size you toddler could be.

Witch Costume

Witch costumeThis season let your babies feel the aroma of being witches as they have an interesting history behind them.

Full Body Sulley Costume From Monster University – $179.99

Monsters inc

This costume not only will let your child feel dominant but for monster inc fanatics, this is definitely their dream come true.

Koala Costume

This costume represents an animal named koala. It is downright adorable.

Toy Story Jessie Costume – $124.99

Girl of monster inc costume

Toy story character costumes available for sale. This is not only a trendy costume but perfect for festivity.

Final Note:

Now that almost all the best Halloween costumes have been listed above you have a huge canvas of costumes to choose from. There are cheap, high-end, adorable, and multitude of costumes of characters listed above.

Follow the links and purchase either of the costumes if any of them made a place straight to your heart. Halloween is a season of festivity and a prehistoric event that sustains its core values and beliefs.

For this event, there is less of religion but more of humanity, people feeling for the dead souls. This is why it is downright crucial for us to always remember its significance and to never forget the dead.

With Halloween just around the corners, you downright do not need to fuss over as this website will provide you from costumes to decorations to pictures, and further almost everything you need to know about it.

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